Jonathan Knight is Filming a TV Show! Watch Farmhouse Fixer’s Pilot

If you’re not onboard the NKOTB cruise, you woke up today, saw Jon’s post on Instagram and went… gaga.

While posting on Instagram a screenshot of an article from Business Wire “New Kids On The Block Singer Jonathan Knight to Star in HGTV Pilot Farmhouse Fixer“, Jon wrote:

“It’s been an amazing journey getting here. Looking forward to sharing this pilot with everyone #farmhousefixer

@jonathanrknight, Oct 19, 2018

On the cited article, we can read, “‘Old farmhouses are American treasures,’ said Jonathan. ‘Most have been in the same family for 200 years and have never been renovated. And they’re disappearing fast. If we don’t save them, they’re going to be gone.’”

In this new HGTV pilot, Jon restores a centuries-old New England farmhouse and he’s not new at it! Over 20 years, Jonathan Knight has renovated more than 200 houses, preserving the farmhouses’ history while adding a modern layout.

The pilot is slated to air in 2019 but… we get to watch it thanks to the cruisers! Enjoy!

Filmed onboard the NKOTB Cruise