Jonathan Knight Wishes Harley a Happy Birthday, With a Homemade Video and The Most Touching Letter

For Harley’s birthday, Jonathan made public a letter in which he shares the struggles he had to go through, to say yes to love again.

After a painful, heartbreaking “heartbreak” or experience, it is not hard to love again: it is almost an impossible task; we lock ourselves in our solitude, where everything seems safe and under control. And then – if we are lucky – someone knocks the door… we don’t want to open; a tornado could come through that door and scatter our heart all over the floor one more time. But we know, deep inside we feel it’s the rain we’ve been waiting for… not a tornado. What do we do?

Well, if we’re smart, if we are courageous above all, we’ll open that door, just like Jon did when he met Harley. Jon’s letter to Harley, is a lecture – for us – on how to be courageous enough to succumb to that crazy little thing called love, when we know it’s the greatest thing we’ve been waiting for.

Jon wrote on Instagram,

“As a 20 year old I thought love was an illusion. My 30s brought me many dysfunctional relationships and further soured me on love. My late 30s came along …I was so jaded and against love…Fighting it with all my might! Why would I allow anyone to steal my heart considering my experience, my heart was just going to be broken again…Then along came you…

I knew the night I met you, you were the one for me… But yet I fought it and kept my heart protected. Months had passed since our initial meeting and I still felt a longing for you to be by my side! Why am I fighting this man. He feels the same as me, and doesn’t give his heart away unless it’s real love. So I call him and say I miss you… come be with me while I start this crazy life with NKOTB again, and lets try love from a very long distance … weeks later you show up on tour, and the rest is history! 

We have shared so many amazing times this past 11 years together… more than I ever could imagine! I love you, I love you, I love you! Mr. Harley Knight-Rodriguez! Wishing you the happiest birthday today, and can’t wait to spend many more together! Apart or near my heart is always a part of yours, mi amore!”…

* Sigh * Don’t put away your tissues; Jon also made a video…

cc @JonathanRKnight

Happy Birthday, Harley! We love to love you, cuñado 😉