Jonathan Knight and Nicholas Ferroni: When Admiration Goes Both Ways … and We Get Some News About Farmhouse Fixer

When two men with a heart of gold, like these two, get together, we have no other choice but to talk about it… even more if we get the chance to gossip a little bit about Jon’s project on HGTV! 

Nicholas Ferroni (former actor known for All My Children and Manhattanites) is an award-winning educator, historian and activist, and – frankly – what I could write about this man would never be enough; if you haven’t heard of him, check out this clip to get a glimpse of the mind-blowing (yes, mind-blowing) work he’s doing, inspiring students to reach their goals while driving a national dialogue about education reform.

(On a side note, he was named as “Sexiest Teacher Alive” by People Magazine in 2014, and one of Men’s Fitness Magazine’s “25 Fittest Men in the World”… but his work is what matters, Blockhead!)

Nicholas – and other teachers from New Jersey – went to the Bogata Event Center for the Mixtape Tour concert in Atlantic City; after meeting our big brother, Jon said on Instagram how much he loves their talks and invited us to follow him and join his movement, to which Nicholas replied, “Thank you so much for being an amazing entertainer, but an even better person. And soon everyone will know that you are even better at renovating homes.” Nicholas also shared the picture on his Instagram feed, and mentioned that Jon gave them VIP passes 🙂

Last but not least, if you’ve read carefully, you’re probably wondering, “Farmhouse Fixer is finally coming to the screen?!” The answer is, Yes! Jon has updated his Instagram profile, presenting himself as a “husband” and “Future HGTV host of #Farmhousefixer coming late 2019”

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