Jon Knight on Politics and America’s Polarisation

We know the Knight brothers like to express their opinion on politics, and that’s what Jon did last night on Twitter.

He opened a thread with the following tweets:

I love switching between CNN and Fox News channels. It’s alarming to see how America has become so polarized! America we are in trouble!!! How did we end up here… where are we heading from here? How did America become so divided? What’s coming next… another civil war? #unite

Jon Knight, Jan 5, 2021

Far left…far right ??‍♂️… extremism is gonna be the downfall of our magnificent country

Jon Knight, Jan 5, 2021

Your reality is your reality and mine is mine. I am open to listen to your reality as long as you’re willing to listen to mine so we can learn each other’s views in a healthy way so we can both grow and not feel like either is being attacked.

Jon Knight, Jan 5, 2021

Sadly, there are still some fans who believe “celebrities” should keep their mouth shut and they are not educated on the human right of freedom of speech (which you can find at the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, by the way).