Jon Knight: Let’s Have a Green Halloween!

Let’s #GoGreenWithJon talking about how we can have a green halloween 🙂

Jonathan Knight feeding an elephant India Oct 26 2013 cc @jonathanrknight on instagram
Jonathan Knight. India, Oct 26 2013 cc @jonathanrknight on instagram

The palm oil has been questioned for some time now, and Jon seized this upcoming halloween to address the issue.

Here is what he said on his Instagram account:

“With #Halloween just a few days away, please try to avoid buying from companies that use conflict palm oil in their candy!

By making a conscious choice to avoid these snacks, you could be helping save the #Leuser ecosystem, one of the Earth’s #biodiversity hotspots and the last place on Earth where endangered Sumatran elephants ? , tigers ?, orangutans, and rhinos ? all coexist.

This habitat is facing severe deforestation due to the palm oil industry and the animals are greatly suffering as a result.

So please ask yourself, is a snack food really worth losing these species and this unique place?”

It’s not really worth it, don’t you think?

Which Everyday Products Contain Palm Oil?

The World Wild Life website is a great place to learn about this issue. With a quick glimpse, we learn that we can find palm oil in our lipstick, shampoo, even in a pizza! How can we help? by searching for these labels in the products we purchase:

Now, before you run to your cabinets and since protecting nature is a wonderful thing and our responsibility, how about closing this post with a huge smile? Yes! Remember that time when Jon fed an elephant in India? That was incredible!

Get inspired by his smile 😉