Jonathan Knight-Rodriguez: “No hair, don’t care!”

There is no easy way to write about this. I am mourning a loss.

Since last night’s Jon’s video on Instagram, I feel I’m trapped in a modern version of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, a Twisted version, where all the Blockheads say, “Oh JoN, how could you? Your one beauty!”

Of course, his hair isn’t, wasn’t his one beauty… but… WHY? Why did he shave it all? Did he use the Face App like Jordan and said, “Yeah! Let’s do this”? Is this the fault of the Russians!? 

Jonathan Rashleigh Knight-Rodriguez’s hair was a gorgeous, marvelous hair; it was always shining and it always knew how to behave in public; it was the envy and the object of admiration of men and women all over the world – for over 30 years – since he showed up hangin’ tough; it will be missed. 

Join us in this difficult times, as we wait for a full color photo, of a bold head.

Jonathan Knight-Rodriguez on Instagram. Updated July 31, 2019 (with comments by Danny, Donnie and Joey)

Update: Growing Like Weed

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Grows like a weed. ????????‍♂️

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