Welcoming Oliver to the BH Fam

Seeing that cutest puppy face, and knowing he’s got the most loving dads, was one of the highlights of my week. Jonathan and Harley have received a new family member! Meet Ollie:

Harley shared more photos and a clip:

When I saw those, immediately I recalled the old school posters of Jon and his puppy. Do you remember?

… and something else; that last year, he was saying on Instagram, on this very same date (what are the odds!) that he had lost dogs and was still afraid to fall in love with another one.

Just to set the record straight, I did not recall the date; I do not have Joe Mac’s skills. But I did remember this post because it made me feel he was considering opening his heart to a dog again, and from the bottom of my heart I wished he could do it.

Being the mom to two cats, who have filled my life for over a decade with so much love, joy, support…, I cherish the unconditional love and bond that we can have with creatures that are not human… And this is my cue to realize I am about to start rambling.🥴

Congratulation, papis!