Jordan Knight: Exposed to the Russians by Blockheads

Top Secret.

The Face App. Did you use it? I did, and it has traumatized me for life. Honestly, when I found it (at 4am, in bed, “before my morning coffee”) and I put my photo to see how I’d look as an “old lady”, I thought…

Oh, wait! I could be the cool old lady of block! ? If you’re waiting for my sample, please, do remain in your chair – with snacks and drinks – until further notice.

The terms and conditions didn’t make me feel comfortable, so I deleted it… But Jordan Knight, seems to have overlooked the truth behind the Instagram fun. #OMG

On Friday, Jordan re-posted on his Instagram stories photos of him – shared by Blockheads – with different looks. Which is your favorite?

That was fun, right? Yeah… That was fun… However, did you read or hear about all the fuzz about the Face App?

As it turns out, every human being has unique biometric characteristics, and when it comes to cybersecurity (protecting ourselves in the internet, in simple words) – as Luis Noguerol explains for CNN– the “facial recognition” is one of them, and the “Face App” does this: it scans your face, as if it were you fingerprint, and it becomes the owner of it… Once you give your photo to that app, it can do – basically – almost whatever it wants with it… But! The main issue here is that: it is made and owned… by Russians! 

Now, how does Jordan feel about the Russians spies on tour? Let’s recall.

Jordan Knight Live on Instagram. May 10, 2019. Watch full clip on The Blog’s You Tube Channel.