Jordan Knight in Boston for Dante’s Party Graduation

Last night Jordan travelled for nine hours, on his tour bus, to get to Boston for Dante’s party graduation.

His Facebook Live begins when he’s leaving the Air Canada Center in Toronto; a bunch of Blockheads waves at him, and “someone” even jumps in front of the bus to yell at him, “I love you!”. Do not miss it! (and do not follow the example!)


Jordan mentions that a Blockhead – who clearly knows the importance of having snacks for a New Kid in her purse – gave him peanuts M&Ms, while the driver, “J”, tells us he is from the company Hemphill Brothers from Nashville.

On a side note, if you don’t know why you should have snacks all the time, check out this Jordan’s video.

Tonight Jordan will get back on the bus to get to Buffalo for tomorrow’s concert.