Jordan Knight And Joey McIntyre In The Craziest Facebook Live Ever

32 years ago, on June 16, Joey joined the New Kids On The Block; did you know? This is what we can hear on this Facebook Live, plus:

  • A new bench to hangin’ tough (Joe’s bench!) and how to duct tape it;
  • no hugs for Victor, Blockheads! But you can rub his head on your way out;
  • getting to know “little boy bolshevik” and “big boy bolshevik”
  • vodka is the best juice;
  • there are russian and american spies, so we are even;
  • Joey takes his shirt off for Putin (yes, you are reading this correctly);
  • how to take care of Trump;
  • butter burgers and food, tons of food;
  • a comercial by Joey McIntyre, featuring ISO 100 proteins (and yes, you are reading this correctly too);
  • fake snow on Jordan’s hair;
  • you don’t mess with jews, not on this tour;
  • trading Amazon stocks;
  • how to read brands backwards;
  • the game guys play after each show;
  • and last but not least: what do NKOTB drink on stage? …

And! If you think because they’re having a good time, they are drunk… You are wrong!

… Yup… That sums it up… #CraziestFacebookLiveEver

Jordan Knight on Facebook Live