Jordan Knight and Jonathan Knight With Their Spouses on New Year’s Eve

The Knight brothers received the New Year at “Novara” with their families, and we cannot stop fangirling about the pictures shared by the family!

Jordan Knight moved to Milton (MA) in 1997; since then, he became a regular at Abby Park and decided to invest in Novara at the last minute. Abby Park was the site for the “Milton Cinema” in the late 80s, and later for “Java Joe’s” from the 90s to 2007. A decade later, Abby Park’s executive chef Tony DeRienzo and Jordan Knight, brought the site back to life with “Novara.”

The restaurant opened to the public on January 7, 2016; on January 4, Jordan hosted a private preview dinner with his mother, his wife Evelyn, his sisters and friends. Now, for this New Year’s Eve, the Knight brothers reunited again at Novara with their families.

Jonathan with Harley Rodriguez, and Jordan Knight with his wife Evelyn! This one is for the books! We miss JK dearly these days, and we never get to see his wife! Doesn’t she look gorgeous?