Jordan Knight Live on Instagram: Chatting with Fans!

For the first time, Jordan chats live with fans! Plus, he tells us about riding solo on this tour, his swag cycle, the day trading setup he has on the bus and so much more!

We learned a lot on this live video, for instance, that Jordan is riding solo on this tour, since Jon got his own bus; so, it’s just him and “a Russian spy” who “doesn’t really talk to Americans.” We also learned that, every night, he crosses out the dates of the concert that’s passed; that he has a swag cycle and a day trading setup on the bus… and, we learned about technology.

Did you know you can “go live” on Instagram, with another person? I didn’t; neither did Jordan. As it turns out, we can join Jordan’s live video and say, “hey, bitches, look at me talking with JK! He knows me!”… Because he does… The New Kids On The Block do know their fans.

Are you even reading this? You went straight to the video, right?… Blockhead…

Part 1 and 2! Enjoy! (*)

(*) On this live video, Jordan also answered to questions from the fans and had a very special guest. Stay tuned for updates!