Jordan Knight on the Queen Latifah Show

Jordan Knight appeared on Queen Latifah’s new show, S1E5.

Jordan Knight talks about his new solo album, “Jordan Knight,” his newborn son Dante Jordan, and a fan tells him how he has changed her life. Plus, he performs “I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man.”

Queen Latifah begins the interview asking Jordan, “Do you think this like a comeback for you or you think you’re just getting started?”, to which he responds:

“I’m just getting started because before, when I was in the spotlight, I was with four other guys, the New Kids on the Block, and now I’m by myself.”

Latifah brings up the Jordan Knight doll (from the NKOTB collection) to illustrate the audience “how large they were.” Then he asks Jordan, “Did you feel pressure to compete with the success of the New Kids?”

“No, because if I tried to compete with the success of the New Kids I’d be crazy (…) it was so phenomenal. I think I just try to challenge myself, not what you did in the past, or what I did in the past, or what other people do. I just try to challenge myself internally and make sure I’m doing the best that I’m possibly doing.”

Latifah then shows the video of “Give It To You,” and Jordan talks about how hard it was for him to catch his breath while doing the choreography; then he adds that after touring he’s in a better shape.

They also talk about Jordan becoming a father and his son Dante Jordan, who was born on August 25. “It’s a joy; it’s a miracle”, Jordan says. Latifah asks him, “What is it like to hold your baby”

“It’s amazing; I mean, just to like, do anything; just to feed him, and even change his diapers. I thought, like, I used to be like, ‘I ain’t changing nobody’s diapers,’ but when you see your cute little kid like that, you’d do anything for him”

Finally, Latifah stands up to takes questions from the fans in the audience, and one of them says Jordan changed her life, and she explains that she was an alcoholic at 15, and that she stopped drinking after having watched an interview of Jordan and Jonathan Knight. Jordan says, “I gotta give you a hug for that,” and he gets up and hugs her.

Up next Jordan sings live, “I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man.”