Jordan Knight: “Tour Bod Will Have to Wait”

We saw Jordan on the release day of the Hangin’ Tough 30th Anniversary Edition, looking great, but apparently he wasn’t … “wearing” his “tour bod”.

Every time our phone shakes, beeps or yells a custom ring tone saying, “Jordan is on Instagram!!!!,” we feel the rush of slice, unlock and look at him and one his gorgeous selfies. However, this week, we got the following:

a shake with a text saying tour bud will have to wait
Jordan Knight on Instagram Stories, Apr 6, 2019

Yes. One one his latest Instagram Stories, he posted the photo of a shake saying, “Tour bod will have to wait” … But we ain’t have time for that!

So, here is a selection of “Tour bods” photos (for us to watch anxiously as we drink our shakes) The first one is from the Main Event Tour (2015) and the second one from the Total Package Tour (2017)… How does he do it?

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