That Time I said “Fenway Park” to my BH Twin, and She Broke Her Patella

The New Kids on The Block kicked off the week by asking us to share funny moments; they posted, “When was the last time you had a really good laugh?” And…, before getting into some of the hilarious answers you all posted, I’m gonna share my latest and shameful good laugh.

A few weeks ago I got really sick; a heavy cold, one may say, that lasted seven days and left me like a mop; high fever, a lot of coughing and “no, it wasn’t COVID, ‘cos it started with my soar itching.” And something very special happened during those days: every single time I coughed hard, I peed myself.

So, trying to stay still like a log, lying in my bed, I texted my BH Twin, Lori:

“If I move, I cough. If I cough, I pee myself. Is that COVID or being 40?

To which, among other things, she replied,

“And yes! It’s an over 40 thing haha.”

So I wrote back (screenshot is coming),

“Are you shitting me? I’ll pee myself when I cough from now on??? Kill me now. Are you going to Fenway? I wanna go. If I don’t smell central park’s horseshit anytime soon I’ll die.”

And then… crickets…

It was late at night for me but not for her, because she lives in Texas; so I thought, “maybe one of her children called her, or her granddaughter needed her” and I fell asleep at 8pm (20.00hs), as I always do. Then when I woke up at 3am (which is 12/1am for her) and I saw her answer

But I’m not gonna tell you; I’ll show you (with recap included):

She actually broke her patella in five pieces; I said “Fenway”, and she recalled that gorgeous Delux Box of Ten that came with pieces of the flag that hung at one of the concerts, and she went like, “I’ll do the same for them; one piece of patella for each New Kid.”

Lori already had surgery and she’s recovering well 🙂 She still is in a lot of pain, and this was some serious accident but, the way I see it, this is the time I said “Fenway” and my friend broke her patella.

AND, somehow, with a husband to attend, plus I don’t know how many children, a grandchild and a freaking broken patella, she still manages to get her nails done. I hate her.

Lori’s broken patella and perfect nails

So, that was my latest – and shameful – big laugh. Here are some great one BHs shared in response to the New Kids’ tweet:

I was at a May the 4th/Cinco de Mayo/bday party in 2019. I had too much to drink (4 shots of tequila and a beer). I wanted to say happy birthday in Spanish but it came out Feliz Navidad!!! Needless to say I spent the night! #onceinabluemoon

Julie / DJ Jewels

“When Joe and Donnie revealed the title of @pinklacesmusic new song in Joe and Griffin’s live I was like um I don’t think they were supposed to do that”


“when the guy at the Mixtape merch booth in Idaho said to us “@Donniewahlberg was just here … but why is Donnie Wahlberg in Idaho!?”


“Last night when my puppy was sound asleep & she farted so loud that she woke herself up and looked around in a state of shock & surprise like “what the hell was that?!”


So, when was the last time you have a really good laugh? Comments are opened!