Learning “Yiddish” with Joey and Mayim Bialik

If you’re following Joey on Instagram, you know he loves to re post funny stories and that he does so frequently. On Saturday afternoon, he opted to share something about his culture with “the yiddish word of the day” that Mayim Bialik publishes on her account, and then he posted a selfie that I personally feel is quite confusing.

Do you know who Mayim is? For many she’ll be “Blossom” forever; for other’s Amy from the Big Bang Theory and for the youngest, the new lady in Jeopardy. No matter how one sees her, I believe we can all agree she is a huge inspiration, a talented strong smart woman, with a great sense of humor.

Check out her grid at IG/missmayim. You may hit follow after a couple of clips. 😉

Anyways, first topic of this post: the yiddish word. Here’s the clip Joey shared:

Second topic! The confusing selfie. After Mayim’s clip, Joey posted a selfie saying “You’re welcome”. What confuses me is this: Is he referring to the knowledge he shared or those freaking piercing eyes jumping off the screen? Is it just me? Tell me. Here it is. You are welcome 😏

Joey McIntyre, Instagram Stories, Feb 4, 2023