Merry Christmas, From the New Kids On The Block

Merry Christmas! How did you spend the day?

On this special day, we heard from Donnie, Danny, Joey and Jon (after midnight), plus the band who shared a playlist for the holidays.

Here’s what the New Kids On The Block did on this special day.

A Message From Joey McIntyre

Later in the day Joey McIntyre sent a candid video, with Roxy, wishing we had have a good day; and earlier in the day, Griffin posted photos of the Christmas tree and the food The Macs had ready to celebrate.

There’s a metro card in the left bottom of the tree, so we can guess one of Joey’s wishes… NYC!

Previously on Wednesday, Joey had shared a serenade by Griffin; he said it was a new song, but Griffin later clarified he was simply improvising. Here’s that clip plus Joey’s message.

Griffin Serenades and Joey McIntyre Sends a Christmas Message - Joey McIntyre sends a Christmas message later in the day, holding Roxy.

Danny Wood and a Fun Episode of “The Wrong Stuff”

Watch Danny Wood and his family while they are filming the Christmas episode for “The Wood Works” and taking the family’s holiday photos.

Danny also shared on Instagram a couple of stories

Jon: Go Green and Stay in Love

Donnie Wahlberg

Early in the day, Donnie tweeted his Christmas message; and later he posted on his IG stories a photo of baby Donnie under the tree with his family.

Donnie Wahlberg. IG Stories, Dec 25, 2021

NKOTB’s Holiday Playlist

On Christmas Eve, the New Kids On The Block shared a playlist for the holidays. And then on Christmas, their message for us.

Happy Holidays!