Merry, Merry Christmas!!! From the New Kids On The Block

Christmas is all about family and love, and the New Kids made sure to let us know – as if we didn’t already! – that we are part of their family and their hearts.

NKOTB on Christmas Eve

At Christmas Eve’s midnight, Donnie was arriving home, and sending his message of love and peace.

Hours later, Danny was tweeting, “Merry Christmas ????to the #BHFamily and my @NKOTB brothers! All #NKOTBChristmas music is in rotation at The Wood House! And yes, including “This One’s for the Children”  but this is our Christmas Jam!”

And at the house of the Macs, the little ones making drawings of Santa; here’s how Joey shared Griffin work of art on Instagram

NKOTB on Christmas Day

The arts and crafts didn’t stop with the little macs at Joey’s home; his mother in Law, made beautiful Christmas Cards with her own hands. Here’s how Joey shared them on Instagram:

The New Kids picked the best picture to spread the joy of the holidays:

And then Santa came for a lot of Blockheads when Danny announced that “Block Party” had been released all over the world!

Later that day, Joey reminded us what the holidays are all about:

And finally Donnie closed the Christmas salutations with a blast from the past:

Happy holidays!


  1. I’m 71 years old so while I enjoy their music I wasn’t a big follower of NKOTB. But I am a huge fan of Donnie Wahlberg. I started watching Blue Bloods because of Tom Selleck (yes, more my age) but I have absolutely fallen in love with Donnie. Then became a fan of Wahlburgers! All Alma’s kids seem great but it’s not hard to see which brother is the warmest and most genuine. I realize Mark is the one who is “ripped” and hit major stardom, but Donnie is definitely the better dramatic actor. Just found out about the concert in St Louis and would pay (even on Social Security) to go- but can’t get a seat close enough to see Donnie! I’ve never been a “groupie” type and I guess it’s the mother in me – but I think he is amazing.

    1. Rebecca, welcome to the blog!
      What an adorable comment!
      Thank you for taking the time to share how you feel 🙂

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