Mixtape Tour 2022 in Fresno (CA) #17

A BH chases New Kids on stage. Joey McIntyre celebrates Kira’s birthday. Griffin McIntyre to join Illtown Sluggaz on the Mixtape tour. Hilarious clip of Jon and Donnie on stage. A new episode of The Wood Works. Official Photos.

The Wood Works

Kira’s Birthday

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Jonathan Knight Receives CPR by Donnie Wahlberg During Mixtape Tour Concert May 31, 2022 - After BH @Tiny_Cone posted a hilarious moment during the concert in Fresno, Jonathan and Donnie had a exchange of messages on their IG Stories.
Griffin McIntyre to Join the Mixtape Tour with Illtown Sluggaz May 31, 2022 - Griffin McIntyre, after a successful performance in Los Angeles (May 27) will be joining the Mixtape Tour's opening act with Illtown Sluggaz.

And That One Who Got Away….


I’m NOT encouraging this behavior AT ALL! I just think this part is hilarious. And I hope fans like this don’t ruin a good party pit experience for future shows.Also, that stage was HIGH! I wouldn’t have been able to do this 😆 (Not my video)


Official Photos

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