Mixtape Tour Journal: Day 1. Cincinnati, It’s On!

It’s funny how we want to see but we don’t… Do you have that feeling? Whether you’re going to have the chance to attend the Mixtape Tour or you’re holding on to hope (like a tick on a dog!) that by some miracle you will, do you feel like this?

When Pam posted NKOTB’s set list, scratched, (wait for it) I felt, “I wanna see! But I don’t… πŸ₯΄”

That being said, in these journals I always try not to give spoilers; however, if the New Kids do, I’ll do it too. (It’s a blog based on what they share after all πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Our online scrapbook! πŸ€—)

Posts and Stories from the BH Family

Pam’s IG story was the first of the day; then Sunny posted a bad ass photo, the New Kids shared a photo from a previous tour saying “It’s time” (goosebumps!) and Donnie posted a selfie saying “do it all for the Blockheads” 😌

Around 2PM ET, Joey McIntyre streamed live from the empty arena; the New Kids On The Block shared a couple of shots of Joey, Donnie and Danny in the dressing room (hot as hottest day in Vegas) and then a clip showing all the mics, ready for the show.

5/10/22. While having his protein shake, Joey McIntyre took a moment to embrace his feeling of gratitude and guarantee us that the show won’t disappoint us.

An hour later, OTL Presents posted the first photo of BHs waiting for their Meet and Greet, and then a series of stories – from outside the BH family – began to rain, such us the ones from Radio Q102 Cincinnati (IG/wkrq), April Orgil and Meredith Masoni.

April Wants to Marry Joey and Donnie’s Got a Trauma

Mom and blogger, April Orgill, (IG/aprilorgill) is quite funny. With her husband and son, and their backstage passes, she walked us through meeting the New Kids On The Block and En Vogue, and confessed – while checking her seats – that she once wanted to married Joey McIntyre but she “got Davey, so it’s ok” πŸ˜‚ We also learn in her video that Donnie is “traumatized” for not knowing the lyrics of Salt-N-Pepa “Push It” πŸ˜‚

Meredith’s Tour: Level 1 Blockhead

Meredith Masoni (IG/thats_inappropriate), along with internet sensations Tiffany Jenkins and Dena Blizzard have a show on theaters called “My Name is NOT Mom“, which is a hilarious journey through motherhood.

The stories she shared about the Mixtape Tour are very funny. She took a walk before the show to get to know Cincinnati (as I would have, so that’s why I’m posting this) and she was a little bit confused about “Cincinnati’s flying pig” (which I ain’t going to google about!)

She showed us the tour buses, excited as a true Blockhead, singing and dancing in the street; and then in the hotel room with her friends getting ready for the concert.

Spoiler Alert! You’ll see the intro of the show; the spoiler is marked if you don’t wish to continue watching πŸ˜‰

Back to the Team!

Well, we’ve already seen a few things that happened during the night, but let’s resume how the day went for our BH family.

By 8PM ET, we learned that Stacy designed the mixtape graphic for the tour. The photo was taken by Pam Chu, since Stacy couldn’t make it.

By the end of the night, Kevin Maher posted the last verses of Hangin’ Tough, and a photo with Sunny Walters and Pam Chu proud of having done their job (and beyond) πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Finally, around 1am, Donnie wrote on Instagram,

“Too many moments to share in one post and too much gratitude to share in one post. I’ll say this, there was a spirit in Cincinnati tonight that I never ever forget. My heart is so full. Blockheads β€” I’m truly #thankful β€” you are absolutely the best and I am so blessed to enjoy this amazing ride together with you! Forever!  #MixTapeTour2022 #BHLove #loveeternal πŸ“Έ: @mjambriz

You need one of those jackets? Me too

And…, that’s a wrap!