Mixtape Tour’s Journal #11: Dallas, TX

After having to reschedule the concert at the American Airlines Center (from May 22 to May 23), the New Kids On The Block arrived to an arena that had been waiting for them Blockhead style.

They even made a sort of walk of fame with all the times the NKOTB had performed there. Joey showed it to us too.

During the afternoon, Donnie posted a photo which, according to BHs in the comment, resulted into many pregnancies. His wife Jenny McCarthy joined the comments too with the hashtag “DonPorn” 😂

@Chair_Chatter made a cool compilation of the show where we can see “DonPorn”s scene 😏

And Paris shared a photo of Joey during rehearsals…

Past midnight, Donnie thanked Texas for its hospitality; after four shows in the state.

May 24 is a day off for the Mixtape Tour before heading to the West Coast: they’ll perform on May 25, in Phoenix, AZ; and from May 26 to June 2 they’ll be in California.

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