Mixtape Tour Journal #8: Houston, TX

It was a fun day in Houston, for the New Kids who performed at the Toyota Center and for those of us who are following the Mixtape Tour on social media.

During the Day

Jonathan Knight opened the day with a silent clip at 7am, showing the empty arena…

Danny Wood joked with a M&G photo where he stands alone, and blamed tour manager Victor for it; later he shared photos from the night before in NOLA.

During the afternoon, and after his 15 minutes of meditation, Joey McIntyre shared his Namaste. (How can he be so handsome? 🥰)

From the arena, before the show, Donnie was reminiscing about all the love and the happy faces.

He also said he wanted to catch up with the birthdays salutations

The Show

So many photos! Danny, Donnie and Jon posted many pictures from the show. Take a look!

Donnie also posted on his IG stories more about the show.

Jonathan split his mood on Twitter and Instagram; at Twitterland, he complained about the Trustees (remember the issue with his farm?) and on Instagram he celebrated all the confetti raining over him.

Last but not least, the hilarious @OfficialRickAstley showed us how he waits for his turn in the spotlight while enjoying NKOTB singing “Tonight.” (If you’re not following him, do it now; he shares wonderful and plenty funny stories)

That’s a wrap! Next stop, Edinburg, TX.

Official Photos from Houston, TX