Mixtape Tour Journal #6: Oklahoma, OK

The New Kids On The Block began their day in Oklahoma with the premiere of the Mixtape Tour’s official trailer, and Donnie and Jon expressed his feelings about it and the tour. Joey McIntyre made an statement on the Pop Corn scene, and Donnie posted a few pics.

Here’s what you saw and you may have missed

Goodbye, Pop Corn Bucket; Hello, Donnie Wahlberg

And Joey McIntyre had an announcement on his own regarding the Pop Corn scene…

But if he doesn’t have Pop Corn Bucket, what’s he going to do? The answer, posted by himself later that day 😂

The Mixtape Tour Trailer

It’s not the same a trailer, such us the one we had when the tour was announced, than a trailer which more than that is a huge sneak peek / spoiler that give us goosebumps and makes us want to get a ticket “now”

Jon wrote on Instagram,

Having the best time ever with all these amazing acts. We’re off to a great start!!!!

Jonathan Knight, 5/16/22

And Donnie wrote on Twitter,

So fun! I’m not sure I’ve enjoyed a tour more than this one. Maybe it’s the three years apart. Maybe I’m just happy to see you again. Maybe it’s the gratitude that we’re together again — either way — I’m giving you everything I got, every single night! 🤖❤️♾💫

Donnie Wahlberg, 5/16/22

Oh Captain, My Captain

During the afternoon Donnie shared on his stories a huge “Believe”, to print and hang behind our bedroom door, and after the show he posted a photo with a killer smile.

And that’s wrap! Tomorrow, the guys will have their second day off before their concert in NOLA and a week in Texas.

Official Photos