Mixtape Tour’s Journal #12: Phoenix, AZ

After all the joy and love the New Kids On The Block experienced during their week in Texas, they woke up in Phoenix to the news of another shooting at a school. But as they say, the show must go on…

NKOTB on the Shooting in Texas

On their Instagram Stories, NKOTB and Joey McIntyre expresses their condolences.

Jonathan Knight and The Trustees

After the show, Jonathan Knight exposed once again what’s happening to law suit filed against him by New England’s Land Trust, “The Trustees”.

On this occasion, he referred to the lawyer who has been asking him why he’s tweeting about the law suit.

“Dear Kate,@trustess lawyer. Why are you surprised I am tweeting? The organization you represent is the most difficult and non transparent non profit. They have guided me and I’ve followed, only to be sued. Get your facts straight. And stop making landowners look bad.”

Jonathan Knight, 5/25/22

And immediately he added,

“Dear Kate, @thetrustees lawyer: Happy to move this to discovery phase so we can expose all the lies your organization have given me the past 6 years. Your big powerful non profit that makes millions, doesn’t scare me!”

Jonathan Knight, 5/25/22

On Happy News…

Jonathan Knight believed the show in Phoenix was “amazing,” and so did Joey McIntyre who on his Instagram Stories wrote,

“PHX, you were another level tonight!! Always been there for us and somehow going harder after 30 something years!!”

Joey McIntyre, IG Stories, 5/25/22

Finally Donnie Wahlberg, had a CQ family reunion.

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