Mixtape Tour in Atlanta (GA) Journal

Live videos from Joey. Griffin McIntyre in a Duet? Jon driving the tour bus. Plus, the official photos of the concert at the State Farm Arena.

Hello Atlanta!

A New Kid driving a bus? That’s a first!

Griffin McIntyre in a Duet?

Joey posted during the afternoon, “Been meaning to share this one- one of my son Griff’s fans 🙂 His name is JJ and if you swipe over you’ll see that the feeling is mutual. This kids’ parents were in the front row last night. Why didn’t you bring JJ this time??!! ????I have a feeling JJ and GMac will link up one of these days- I see big things!! #NKOTB #mixtapetour #BlockNation #nextgen”

Joey McIntyre, live From Atlanta

Official Photos

Thank you, Atlanta!