Mixtape Tour in Atlantic City (NJ) Journal

Danny is everywhere! Joey almost fell off the stage! Jon met Nicholas Ferroni and got a shout from Ricky Martin (OMG!) Plus, news about Farmhouse Fixer! And the amazing photos by Marcello Ambriz at the Bogota Event Center.

Danny’s Social Media is on Fire!

Are you following him? All over Twitter, Instagram and Facebook? Or are you just waiting for your daily journal to know it all? Show him your love! He’s on twitter @dannywood, on Instagram @dannywoodofficial and also on facebook @dannywoodofficial. Besides sharing his daily workout, these are the photos he posted before the show.

Is it Going to Rain in Hershey? Thank God!

On Friday afternoon, the New Kids were already checking how the weather was going to be like in Hershey (PA) for the Saturday concert. Here’s what they said:

Jonathan Knight with Nicholas Ferroni… and News About Farmhouse Fixer!

When two men with a heart of gold like these two get together, we have no other choice but to talk about it… even more if we get the chance to gossip a little bit about Jon’s project on HGTV! Check it out >>

Jon Got a Shout Out from Ricky Martin!

So! (read as a fangirl fangirling) Jon was at his bus, oh-so-sad about the Mixtape Tour coming to an end, and he shot a video listening to Ricky Martin’s music, and Ricky (¡Papito!) gave him a shout out in the comments! OMG. OMG. OMG. (Catch your breath and go back to normal mode)

Official Photos (and That Time Joey Almost Fell Off the Stage)