Mixtape Tour in Charlotte (NC) Journal

Live videos from Joey McIntyre and Jordan Knight. Interview with NKOTB, and Alma Wahlberg! Spanish lessons with Donnie and… oh-what-a-day!

New Kids on 3rdHour of Today

Early in the morning, the New Kids were on “3r Hour of Today”, to talk about the Mixtape Tour. Dylan Dreyer (1stgeneration Blockhead!) interviewed them and got to sit front row to her first ever New Kids concert. 

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Alma Wahlberg Talks About the Summer of the 89

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During the 28thweek of the year, TODAY made the 30thanniversary of the summer of 1989 and interviewed notable people from that time. Go to Today.com, to read what Alma said about NKOTB and the summer that change our lives.

Intravenous Fluids for a Dehydrated Donnie Wahlberg

Donnie Wahlberg. Instagram Stories

Donnie Wahlberg Teaches Spanish: Lesson 1, “Chuleta”

If you were looking around the web for a nice Spanish course, search no more. The captain has got you covered.

Joey McIntyre, Live on Instagram: “Becoming A Little Bit More One with Nature”

During his bike ride in Charlotte, Joey tells us that he borrowed a folding bike because he left his in Boston; plus, he talks about how the landscape in the area has changed and how the new bike paths allow us to see creeks that once were hidden.

Jordan Knight, Live on Instagram: “That is a cake, folks”

You see Jordan and you hear, “Alright, this is simply amazing,” and Danny appears and adds, “It’s incredible. Once he turns this around…” What do you expect?

Waffle House! Where are the Blockheads?!

After the show, Donnie made a stop at a waffle house but! There was no Block party this time.

Donnie Wahlberg, Instagram Stories.

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Thank you, Charlotte!