Mixtape Tour in Cincinnati (OH) Journal #1

The Mixtape Tour opened its summer fest in Cincinnati (OH) In this issue: interacting with NKOTB’s #cassettecam; Joey’s videos; scenes from Meet and Greet; scenes from behind the scenes; photos of the show.

The day began with Joey sharing what’s essential on a tour: “A good book, a nice bike and sweet chatchskis from my kids… And lots of texts with the wifey”

The New Kids announce another way to interact with them on this Mixtape Tour: share your selfies with #CassetteCam!

Before The Show

Early in the morning, Danny did his daily workout routine and Joey reflected from a rooftop; later Donnie shared scenes from NKOTB’s and Naughty by Nature Meet and Greets, and Joey showed us who’s the latest New Kid to get ready.

Check out the first New Kids On The Road Edition 😉


The Show

* Spolier Alert *

During the performance of Boys in the Band (the Boy Band Anthem), the Bengal Cheerleaders joined the New Kids On The Block on stage. Donnie said, “Big thank you and shout out to the @Bengals for sending the @BenGalsCheer squad @nkotb #MIXTAPETOUR last night!!!!!!!!! Even though we are @patriots fans we are very humbled — they made The Boy Band Anthem so much more special!”

Thank you, Cincinnati!