Mixtape Tour in Cleveland (OH) Journal #3

On the day of the Mixtape Tour’s second concert, the New Kids shared the VIP experience, fun time and photos, and Donnie visited Wahlburgers for a selfie session. Pics of the concert: checked!

NKOTB’s VIP Experience at the Mixtape Tour

You may think, “My room looks the same”, but the experience is not the same when you get the chance to hug and kiss the guys … and to forget to say the 300 words’ memo you wrote in your mind; we all go through the same at a Meet and Greet: they get us at “hello”.

And hey! Even Harley, who made it for the second show at the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, joined Jon for a pic! (Quick fact: when this concert was announced and sold, the arena was named “Quicken Loans Arena”; its name was changed on April 2019)