Mixtape Tour Day Off: Great News, Live Video and Puppies!

On a day off, Danny announces his new official Facebook Page. Joey makes his own rendition of “City of New Orleans”. Jon makes memories with new furry friends.

There are 26 shows left for the Mixtape Tour! Check out the dates and the archive of photos, videos and daily journals.

Danny Announces New Official Facebook Page

As he reinvents his social media outlets, Danny added a Facebook page to his accounts and even an e-mail to contact him.

Joey LIVE Making His Own Rendition of “City of New Orleans”

Eat your heart out Jonny Cash, because Joey has made his own rendition to “City of New Orleans” (respectfully)

Puppies on the Block

The puppies from AHeinz57 (a foster-based rescue organization based in Iowa) visited the venue for some socialization, and Jon didn’t lose time to make some memories. Check out what they do for our homeless friends at aheinz57.com.