Mixtape Tour: On a Day Off, We Celebrate Mother’s Day!

After five shows in a row, the New Kids had a day off to relax and to celebrate Mother’s day.

On Twitter and Instagram (and even Live!) the New Kids expressed themselves with photos and messages.

Danny wrote, “Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Momma’s out there! My mother, Elizabeth “Betty” Wood, was, and still is a shinning example of what a mother should be!”

Donnie went live on Instagram to salute Alma and all the mothers of the BH family, and then wrote to Jenny and to all the BH mothers:

“Lost amongst the perceptions and misconceptions of what my wife is — is the reality of whom my wife is. She is a mother. A mother to her son. A step mother to my sons. A momma bear to a community. The queen of our household — and not because she sits next to a king — OH NO, she is a Queen in every sense of the word! She is a leader, a teacher, a warrior, a protector and a nurturer. Quite simply — she is a mother.

Only there is nothing “simple” about being a mother. From my seat, it is the most amazing and demanding title, job and responsibly, that any human being could ever have. I’m honored to stand by her side today and every day.

To my beautiful Jenny, and to all the amazing mothers out there who are doing their very best in the most important task in the history of human kind — including so many of my BH Sisters around the world — I stand by your side today!

Happy #MothersDay”

Late at night, Jordan share a photo of him just being grateful for a day off.

Jordan Knight, Mixtape Tour, May 2019

Photography by @jordanknightofficial


Happy Mother’s Day!