Mixtape Tour Journal: Day Off. An Interview with Donnie Wahlberg and More of the Mac Bike Tour

On another day-off for the New Kids On The Block, Donnie talked to Watch! Magazine in a fun interview (with a great photoshoot) and Joey took us on a bike ride in Boise.

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Donnie Wahlberg: “We – with our sons – really do everything to be together”

Watch! Magazine

Donnie talked to Watch! Magazine, about how his life between New York and Chicago with Jenny and their sons, Bridget Moynahan and the beginnings of Blue Bloods, his relationship with Tom Selleck and what he would change about “Danny Reagan.” 

Read the full interview at Watch! You can get a copy of the magazine at Barnes & Noble bookstores, or get in touch with the magazine to get one! Call 1-800-532-8190 or email to CBSWatchMagazine@emailcustomerservice.com.

#MacBikeTour: A ride, a beer and a visit to the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial

Joey McIntyre biking in Boise (ID) June 3, 2019

On his day-off in Boise (ID), Joey took his bike for another ride, a nice cold beer and a visit to the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial.