Mixtape Tour in Denver (CO) Journal

Joey live from Denver, talking to Blockheads! Jon at Henderson visiting the Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary. Donnie’s stories on Instagram.

There are 28 shows left for the Mixtape Tour! Check out the dates and the archive of photos, videos and daily journals.

Joey in Denver, Reminiscing About “The Kid”

Joey streamed live from Denver, biking in the morning; and, later, reminiscing about “the Kid” at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

What Does Joey Do After a Show? He Talks to Blockheads!

It was about time! Jordan have been chatting with Blockheads – live on Instagram – for a while now, and now Joey has joined the party. Stay tuned for the video on YouTube!

Jonathan Knight: “Can a Baby Cow Go on Tour?” 

While in Colorado, Jon visited the Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary and shared photos to die for.

Donnie Wahlberg: “The Flave Gang Just Got Bigger”

We’ve seen them on their stories, we’ve seen them on the “80s Baby” official music video: the swag cycle gang is a thing, and now it’s getting bigger.

Jordan even showed us the one he keeps on his bus, on one of his live videos; the New Kids are using these swag cycles on the Mixtape Tour to move around and to have fun!  And now – as Donnie shared on his InstaStories – the flave gang just got bigger.

(*) NKOTB didn’t publish official images of this concert.