Mixtape Tour in Hershey (PA) Journal

Another night of fun with Jon and Angela; weather alter for the show at Hershey Park and the official photos of the night.

Rain, you said? Bring it!

It was a beautiful afternoon in Hershey; Donnie was playing, the birds were singing…


Donnie Wahlberg, Instagram Stories. Hershey (PA) July 6, 2019

The rain – we could say – always turns a Block Party into an ultimate Block Party, and in Hershey it was no different. Before the show, Donnie gave a weather advisory alert saying “We’re gonna have one hell of a time tonight. Let’s fucking go!” (and many Blockheads said, “OMG, he said ‘Fuck’”, because when the New Kids were recording “The Way”, the producer said, “Not you Donnie; shush; the BH family isn’t ready for this)

Jon and Angela’s Road Adventures: Part III

They surely had plenty of adventures during these past months, but this is the third one they shared with us: a night at Ihop!

Official Photos