Mixtape Tour in Lincoln (NE) Journal

Grab your 80s Baby gifs. Joey live from Lincoln. Donnie gives a shout out to the male fans. Jon and Donnie receive special guests. Another chance to get tickets to the MixtapeTour.

There are 27 shows left for the Mixtape Tour! Check out the dates and the archive of photos, videos and daily journals.

Grab Your Mixtape Tour Gifs

To celebrate the release of the “80s Bay” Official Video, the New Kids shared with us some gifs! Grab them here!

Joey McIntyre: “I’m In the Future a Little Bit”

It was not the Boise river we all fell in love with, but the Nebraska Lake didn’t seem to fall behind. Watch Joey during his daily meditation, reflecting about the future.

Bid for Mixtape Tour Tickets and Backstage Passes, To Help Orbit Theatrical in Atlanta

As we shared it on Facebook, Joey is promoting a special event; he wrote on Twitter, “Orbit Theatrical in #Atlanta is an amazing non-profit proudly training the next generation of #Broadway performers. Please support them by bidding for tix to #NKOTB #MixTapeTour on 7/11 in Atl… Bidding starts next Sat. June 15th!!”

Donnie Wahlberg About Male Fans

“@nkotb are known as a band with screaming girls (now women) in our audience. We honor those women, and do our best to thank them, every single day. They are our life blood. That said, I’d be remiss if I didn’t take a second to thank the men who keep showing up (in larger and larger numbers) to our concerts, cruises, events and restaurants! Some supporting their significant others, some accompanying their families and so many more — just there to support us! Either way, we’re grateful! So — to the husbands, brothers, fathers, sons, friends, bros, couples and the male fans that like/love @nkotb, @bluebloods_cbs, @wahlburgers or whatever … You keep on showing up and you are so very appreciated! Thank you fellas! It means more than you know! #BlockBros #GoodGuys #BoyBlockHeads”- Donnie

Photos of the Day

Donnie Wahlberg with Eric Crouch (former American football quarterback) and his wife, and Jonathan Knight-Rodriguez with his godson Jon-Michael Sharsh.