Mixtape Tour in New Orleans (LA) Journal # 10

Danny Nominated as “Most Likely to Stand Up for Others.” Donnie gets emotional while reflecting about interacting with the fans. Plus, photos of the concert at the Smoothie King Center.

Danny Wood Nominated as “Most Likely to Stand Up for Others” by Jessie Chris

Jessie Chris wrote on Instagram, “I nominate @dannywoodofficial as “most likely to stand up for others”! @becauseofyou is putting a positive spin on yearbook superlatives during their #HonestYearbookSweepstakes head over there before May 20th for a chance to win”

#ICYMI Donnie Gets Emotional About the Concert in Memphis

Touched by what happened in Memphis, Donnie shared more photos and wrote on Instagram, “(…) your self love is the true inspiration! Seeing you let loose at a concert and celebrate your lives — is the greatest expression of self love there is!Read the full letter >>

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Finally, after the show, Donnie posted on Instagram, “Too much fun to just be in my IG story! Every moment is a moment to celebrate! Every next breath is another opportunity to make up for the celebrations you may have missed! Don’t look back, or even forward, just look around right now and — if you’re breathing — get to celebrating! Stay focused and work and build and consider your mission and the future — of course — but never at the expense of living this very moment to the fullest! Thanks for the dance @lanii.bo.banii! #loveeternal”

Thank you, New Orleans!