Mixtape Tour in Rosemont (IL) Journal

Friday Motivation with Donnie Wahlberg. What happens before and after a selfie with a New Kid. Joey live from the woods and the official photos of the concert at the Allstate Arena.

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Friday Motivation, With Donnie Wahlberg

Donnie Wahlberg. May 5, 2019

Photography by @donniewahlberg

“Today is perfect.

It must be perfect, otherwise it wouldn’t exist.

It’s up to us to see it that way, treat it that way and do everything in our power to make it that way.

No matter how difficult.

The alternative is not an option.” – Donnie.

What Happens Before and After a Selfie with a New Kid

You catch it, and Marcello does it too! Check it out 😀

Joey McIntyre LIVE: “Man of the Woods”

Not so much… He thought about meditating in the woods, but it was a little to “blair witchy” for his taste, so he switched to his Instagram stories to share his meditation session and a few shots of his new stay in Chicago. Stay tune for the upcoming videos on YouTube!

Photos of the Day