How Are the New Kids Coping With the Coronavirus Quarantine?

Most of us are going through some sort of “quarantine;” yesterday in Argentina – for instance – classes has been suspended and citizens were asked to remain inside their homes as much as possible; Carmen from Italy, told us in a comment that her country has more strict rules. Where are you from? How are you going through this situation? Here’s what the New Kids are doing.

Joey McIntyre: Chatting with Fans and Reading with the Family

On Friday, Joey streamed live; he chatted with two fans and talked about the current situation and a lot more. Check out his chat with Cynthia from New York; Eloise from the Nashville area and the last part on his own.

On Sunday, Joey found the bright side of a pandemic: the family reading together! Although he’s not sure how long is going to last ????

Donnie Wahlberg: Spending Quality Time with Jenny

Donnie, on Friday night, tweeted, “Seems we’ll have lots of time to tweet w each other for the foreseeable future and, as bad as it is, I hope it’ll somehow makes it a bit easier. I love and appreciate you guys so much. WE’RE IN THIS TOGETHER! Some say that — but we live it! #BHLove Stay safe! Love you!”

Then from Instagram he shared, “When everything fails, plant a tree.”

On Sunday night, Jenny cooked for Donnie and he shared it on his Instagram Stories.

Jon Knight: What’s the Deal With the Toilette Paper?

Jon has been shooting the latest episodes for his upcoming show, but he didn’t say yet how he’s going to continue; what he did mention, instead, was the “global complaint”: “This is a new concept. Shit than shower. Why all these fuckers buying up all the toilet paper.”

There’s a hilarious post from a fellow blogger – from the UK – who wrote about “New World Currency Conversions“; check it out!

And How About Danny and Jordan?

Since the Mixtape Tour ended, Jordan has been MIA except for a few occasions when he attended some sports games with Donnie; so we could agree it’s safe to assume this quarantine will be nothing but an extension of his “yeartine.” Check out Jordan’s latest news and videos so you won’t miss him much!

Last week, Danny continued with his training routine as usual; we’ll see if he changes it this week.

So, tell us! Where are you from? How are you going through this situation?

Stay safe!