New Kids On The Block on Paramount + Reboot of Behind The Music

Once upon a time, there was a channel called “MTV” which stood for “Music Television;” one would turn on that one special channel and watch all day … music videos. It was released on August 1, 1981, with the broadcast of โ€œVideo Killed the Radio Starโ€ by the Buggles.

MTV introduced the concept of Vjs (video jockeys!), and then it grew… and kept growing. In 1984 it launched the “MTV Video Music Awards”, and the live performance of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” set everyone and the Catholic Church on fire… specially after the release of the video “Like a Prayer” where she kisses a black saint and dances with crosses being burned in the background, which! was forbidden by the Catholic Church. “Yeah”

And then it launched “MTV Unplugged,” in 1989, a show where singers and bands performed live. It was freaking epic… I believe they still do it, but I cannot be sure because at some point – around the mid 90s – MTV started creating shows that had nothing to do with music… and then, “Jersey Shore” ??โ€โ™€๏ธ

Watch! NKOTB’s Behind The Music (2021) September 2, 2021 - With new interviews, the New Kids On The Block pick up the reboot of Behind The Music where they left it in 2008.

But, in 1985 MTV had a brother: VH1, which was born with the intention to reach a more grown up audience. And in 1997 it launched “a jewel”: “Behind The Music”, a documentary series with great artists talking about their careers. Another freaking epic thing.

The New Kids On The Block appeared on one of those shows, on Sep 28, 2008. Back then, they talked about their reunion and shared rare footage of their career. And now, they are coming back for a reboot.

On May 16, 2021, Billboard exclusively revealed that Behind the Music will premiere on Paramount+ on July 29; the article mentions the appearance of Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe, Jennifer Lopez, LL Cool J, Ricky Martin and Huey Lewis. And today, we’ve learned the New Kids On The Block will also be part of the artists that will appear throughout the season.

“Set your calendar- August 26th (*). Go behind the journey. Go behind the inspiration. Brand NEW episode of #BehindTheMusic streaming on @paramountplus”

โ€” NKOTB / TW

(*) The episode has been delayed, and released on September 2.

On April, Joey Mcintyre had said that he was going to do – on April 28 – “an NKOTB focused interview” and that he couldn’t tell us more than that. Well, now we know ?

What’s That About The New Kids, Joe? April 27, 2021 - Joey McIntyre is back on his bike, and we can expect the juiciest gossip!

What are they going to say now? In the trailer we can watch Joey McIntyre saying, “Everything has a cost; we started to grow apart;” and Donnie Wahlberg reflecting: “I don’t think you can judge success by numbers; you judge it by the experience.”

New Kids On The Block on Behind The Music September 28, 2008 - On Sep 28, 2008, the New Kids On The Block appeared on VH1's Behind The Music (S1.E.202) talking about their reunion and sharing rare footage.

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