New Kids On The Block First Tweets (On Twitter; Duh)

The other day Joey showed up on Twitter simply saying, “Hi everybody,” and it reminded me of his first tweets, when he used to say just “hello” or “hi;” as the great John Mulaney would say, “I shit you not.” Here’s exhibit A:

… exhibit B…

… and one of my favourites…

There’s an important thing we need to understand about Joey’s presence on Twitter: for him, Twitter is like a plant … that once was dry…

… and four years later…

Now, if you know me you may wonder: why can’t I recall that I wrote to you “BRB” a month ago, but I remember that? Because I’m neurodivergent and I’m time blindness (yup, that’s a thing); also, my brain goes to mysterious freaking weird places sometimes most of the times. (*)

(*) The strikethrough is intentional… It’s part of my writing style; yes, “writing style”; feel free to laugh, I won’t hear you.

Aaaaanyways, it all got me thinking about how AWESOME it would be to have a collection of NKOTB’s first tweets, so we can have more anniversaries to celebrate! Because we don’t have enough!

Shall we?

Donnie Wahlberg Joined Twitter on March 16, 2009

Plain and simple, with huge excitement though:

Joey Mcintyre Joined Twitter on April 9, 2009

Oddly, Joey didn’t say “hello” on his first tweet; he simply published, “I’m lying down in the production office closing my eyes before the show asking myself what is important- love life adventure and excercise.” And then he tweeted, “release the hounds!” (“We” are the hounds… you got that, right? 😡)

It was such a… “Mac way” to open his twitter timeline, that he felt the need to explain in the following tweets that it was really him.

Danny Wood Joined Twitter on April 18, 2009

Danny…. Oh man…

His ballz? Like, seriously…

Jordan Knight Joined Twitter on April 18, 2009

That same day Danny joined twitter, an hour later Jordan showed up saying, “Do I really want to do this?”

Jonathan Knight Joined Twitter… On Sep 2009?

The first tweet that’s available on Jon’s timeline, is a retweet … which is odd; because, how could he have retweeted someone’s tweet mentioning him, when he wasn’t on Twitter yet? Unless! Unless… “jennyddubgirl” knew Jon had joined Twitter before we all did… It makes you think… Doesn’t it?

However, that may not have been his first tweet because he has deleted more than one… (I’d say shame!!!, but I do that too; so it is “ok”) But! It does look like something Jon would do to say hello to the world.

Anyways, here it is:

So! What’s your favourite?

Do you remember the first time you saw one of their tweets? I remember seeing one of Joey’s, where he was complaining about people putting bags over chairs to save a spot at Starbucks (I guess because I hate when people does that too) And I said to my ex-husband, “He’s like… there! Now! And I’m here! And I know what he’s doing! Like now!” Yeah… I went full BH mode…

I found the tweet!

And do you remember your first tweet? I recall that I was feeling like Jordan, wanting to tweet like Joey did, and that I probably went with a “hello world!!!!”… and no one was there 🙄

Now, don’t I have anything else to do with my life right now? Yes! “Hi. Bye!”🙃

PS: Save these dates. I will NOT remember them.