Hurricane Harvey: uniting forces with NKOTB

Hurricane Harvey has been described as a disaster of historical proportions, and NKOTB and Blockheads are already working to help.

If you haven’t met a Blockhead from the affected area, you surely know one through Facebook or Twitter; there are a lot of Blockheads from Texas, and Donnie was the first one to share his concern.

As days went by, we began hearing from the rest of the guys:

Joey shared NKOTB intentions to take action with Block Nation, through his Instagram account:

Jordan is already doing his part with his family:

How Can You Help Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey?

If you have a PayPal account or an iTunes account, you have probably received an e-mail with ways to help. In fact, if you just google “Hurricane Harvey”, Google will show you a link to donate to the Red Cross; according to Google, “Your donation enables the American Red Cross to respond and help people recover from this disaster.”

We care about the children, and they are our first though; NKOTB and Block Nation have helped @SaveTheChildren before; last year we raised 20.000 dollars at NOLA before jumping into the NKOTB cruise 2016. Please click on this link to donate the amount you can, using your credit card or PayPal account:

Every single dollar counts; any kind of help matters and it can make a difference.

The hurricane was just the beginning for people who were affected and lost everything; this is just the beginning.

To those who were affected: you are in our thoughts and prayers.

#StayStrong #BHlove