Behind the New Kids On The Block Reunion With Maurice Starr

It didn’t happen over the phone, like the day the New Kids On The Block – as they were getting ready for their concert at the AMAs – called Mr. Starr to sing to him the happy birthday on November of 2021.

And it didn’t happy either while a convalescent Mr. Starr received their boys back in July of 2019, after having had a stroke a few years before.

It happened at an arena, at the New Kids On The Block’s Mixtape Tour concert in Charleston (NC) with a Mr. Starr in great spirits, stronger and happy.

According to Maurice Starr’s nephew, Bobby H., Mr. Starr – who is still recovering from the massive stroke he suffered in 2015 – was “determined to meet up and reunite with 5 guys from Boston, whom he loves TREMENDOUSLY.”

Before Starr’s previous reunion with his boys, in July 2019, he had been honored by his hometown, DeLand (FL) on Black History Month, for his contribution to the arts as a musician, songwriter and producer.

On this occasion, the New Kids On The Block spent some quality time with Mr. Starr, and Joey McIntyre even sang to him.

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Amazing things have happened during this Mixtape Tour, but this reunion is the one thing the BH family will treasure forever.