New Kids On The Block & Seventeen: Dirty Dancing (feat. JOSHUA, DK & DINO of SEVENTEEN)

A week after having received the first clue of NKOTB’s upcoming work, we’ll have what we’ve been expecting: and it is a collaboration between New Kids On The Block and Seventeen.

Seventeen / Instagram Screenshot

NKOTB’s first clue was simply the number “17”. Then, a clip from the movie Dirty Dancing, where Jennifer Grey portrayed 17-year-old Frances “Baby” Houseman. What’s left to discover, is if NKOTB and SVT collaboration will be a remix of NKOTB’s song “Dirty Dancing”, from the album “The Block” which they are about to re-issue.

Seventeen is a Korean boy band formed by Pledis Entertainment in 2015, after having appeared since 2013 in a regular live broadcasts of series called Seventeen TV.

Also known as SVT, the band is divided into three units: hip-hop, vocal and performance. Its thirteen members are involved in songwriting, music production, and choreographing, among other aspects of their music and performances.

The name Seventeen is derived from the expression: 13 + 3 + 1; thirteen members, divided in three units and coming together in one group.”

Seventeen’s Discography and Filmography

Seventeen has released four studio albums: Love and Letter (2016); Teen, Age (2017); An Ode (2019); and Face the Sun (2022).

They have also released three reissues, two compilation albums, 12 extended plays, and 21 singles.

Seventeen is on Instagram @saythename_17

Besides appearing on several television and online shows, Seventeen premiered their own documentary in 2022, “Seventeen Power of Love: The Movie.”, which features powerful performances, in-depth interviews with all the members, plus commentaries on their past, present, and future they will create with their fans (CARATs).

Watch Joshua, DK & Dino of Seventeen Recording Dirty Dancing (Dem Jointz Remix)

SVT Members

Hip-hop team

S.Coups (group leader and hip-hop unit leader) rapper
Wonwoo, rapper
Mingyu, rapper
Vernon, rapper

Vocal team

Woozi (vocal unit leader and producer), vocalist
Jeonghan, vocalist
Joshua, vocalist
DK / Dokyeom, vocalist
Seungkwan, vocalist

Performance team

Hoshi (performance unit leader), dancer, vocalist and rapper
Jun, dancer and vocalist
The8, dancer and vocalist
Dino, dancer, vocalist and rapper

New Kids On The Block and Seventeen

Coming on Sep 1, 2023