Happy Thanksgiving from the New Kids On The Block

The New Kids On The Block kicked off the thanksgiving salutations on social media, with a photo from the Macy’s Parade in 1989…

… We haven’t watched that one in a while! Would you like to? πŸ€—

It takes you back… Doesn’t it… ☺️

But, to be accurate, it was Joey who first started sharing posts for this Thanksgiving. He posted a Namaste with a message, and then a hilarious story featuring Kira McIntyre. Take a look!

On Thanksgiving day, Donnie shared a sexy dance with Jenny while Jon is apparently testing his directing skills (and nailing it) Don’t miss on Jon’s video that when Joey commented “Nice camera work”, Jon responded, “it took about 50 try’s” πŸ˜‚

To all of you in the US, happy thanksgiving! And for all of us, happy holidays! πŸ’ž