New Kids On The Block’s Reactions to Tom Brady’s Retirement

It seems like the New Kids On The Block may be understanding – for real, in depth – what BHs felt when they split up in 1994. And they may be even having it worse because in the music world, we can hold on to hope and think, “it’s just a ‘see you later’, it has to be” and pray for a comeback; but when it comes to sports, goodbye means forever.

Joey McIntyre, in shock about the news of Tom Brady’s retirement and without being able to begin talking after his phone had started recording, said

“I did not think I’d have this experience when Brady said goodbye (…) When I really feel something, I know the only way to do it is live, because I won’t be able to do it justice if I’d post it, or write it or tweet it.”

On this live video, he continued “I’m surprised he’s leaving and I’m surprised of my reaction, because my kids are such sports’ fans and I never knew I wore my ‘sport heart’ on my sleeve, but I guess I can only look to my kids, specially Griffin (…)”

Joey McIntyre and son Griffin, watching the New Englands Patriots Game. 2014

Griffin McIntyre, also shared a couple of stories on Instagram; without saying much, he expressed it all.

Griffin McIntyre’s Stories on Instagram, Jan 29, 2022

Joey continued in his live video, “You can say it’s all silly, it’s all corny, but sports matter. And, did that do matter for so long.” He also share a cute anecdote he had with Tom Brady.

Joey McIntyre Shares a Fan’s Anecdote With Tom Brady - Amidst the shock about the news of Tom Brady's retirement, Joey shares a sweet anecdote.

Donnie Wahlberg chose to not listen to the gossips about Tom Brady’s retirement. On an Instagram Storie, he posted,

“Until Tom Brady says he is retiring, then I will not comment on his retirement. Until then, I will do what any Patriots fan knows to do…. Ignore the noise.”

Joey McIntyre Live On Instagram Talking About Tom Brady’s Retirement