NKOTB “Around the World in 2021,” Donnie Wahlberg Says

You gotta love the way he does it… Just like when he posted a story on Instagram saying, “Go big or home,” to eventually announce NKOTB performing at Fenway Park, now he did it on Twitter: Donnie dropped a bomb from his plane, pulled back his seat and thought, “Now let’s watch the BH madness.”

At least that’s how I picture it.

We know the New Kids On The Block have plans for 2021; the first hint – that Donnie and Jared gave us – for what they’re doing this year, had the hashtag #20202021. Do you remember that?

Well now, we have an official ddub’s buzz. This weekend Donnie spent some time with time with @kevllama, getting a pedi and some cryotherapy, and then checking “the field.”

Finally from the plane – one more time – the captain dropped the bomb:

“Sitting up here in the sky, on a plane.
Brainstorming on what we will do in an ocean, on a boat.
On land, in a baseball park.
Then in cities, states, countries & continents, around the world in 2021.
I’m grateful for every one of you – always & forever.”

#NKOTBWorldTour2021. Bring it on.

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