NKOTB 2020 Announcement: Today, You Said?

You know when you’ve been dating for ages, and one night – in the middle of the night – your boo says, “I love you,” or “yes, I’ll go to a NKOTB concert with you” and then, the next morning they’re like nothing happened, and you stir the coffee as if it were your solo purpose in life thinking, “WTF.” You know that right?


Well, that’s what happened yesterday, except we’ve been married for over 30 years! so:

“Guys, please don’t tweet and delete; we see it all, we hear it all, we take screenshots and WE have a blog! … ‘Communication’… How could we raise our confetti to become strong and confident serpentines like this? Just tell us, ‘Sorry, We didn’t mean it; we’ll keep you posted’.

Thank you.

Personally, I may not have been at my best for the past few years with this blog, because I was experiencing some short-circuit on my upper jelly; but now I have methylphenidate working on my dopamine, and that means: I’m onto you. Not creepy at all.”

BH, in case you missed it, yesterday the guys posted on Twitter and Instagram, “About to land on a big announcement tomorrow … keep your ???? peeled! #NKOTB2020 ????” Exhibit A, here:

The house emoji, made a lot of us wonder about a concert in Boston or “a residency;” but now what we wonder is, “Did they delete the tweet on purpose to create more suspense, or do they need more time?”

Both make sense… They love to surprise us, and they have a lot going on with their personal projects: Joey is playing Shakespeare (for the first time!), Jon is shooting his new series, Donnie is shooting Blue Bloods and he’s about to premiere his episode of #AncientMonsterQuest tomorrow night.

So… We’ll just have to wait… “Patiently.”


Update x 2:

This Is Why…

And This Is When