12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

Santa keeps coming and giving!

NKOTB is doing a #NKOTBUnwrapped 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway to say thank you for a year of love, unwavering support and joy!

How to participate?

Rules change every day (*), so make sure:
– to follow NKOTB on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (aren’t you doing it already?)
– to check every day on every platform for the new rule!

(*) For instance, on day 1, the rule was to comment on their Facebook post with your usernames (i.e.: TW: myusername; IG: myusername; FB: myusername;); on day two, the game is on Twitter!

Here you’ll find every post:

Day 12: One Free Cruise Cabin!

Day 11: a Paid Portion of Your Credit Card Bills!

Day 10: a Personalized Video From Joey

Day 9: a Personalized Video From Jordan

Day 8: a Personalized Video From Danny

Day 7: a Personalized Video From Donnie

Day 6: a Personalized Video From Jon

Day 5: a “Wahlberg” Boston Bruins tour jersey!

Day 4: a “Knight” Boston @Celtics tour jersey!

Day 3:  A Signed Fenway “Once in a Lifetime” Shirt!

Day 2: A Merch Bundle

Day 1: A signed copy of NKOTB Unwrapped