Get NKOTB Concert Tickets (And More) With LiveNation

How many times do we have to answer the “what do you want for Christmas” with a “anything, something, all things NKOTB”?

No matter how long you had been repeating the same, to the same people – decades, years, months? Welcome to the BHfam! – that insanity ends: today.

LiveNation has come up with the greatest idea.

But, first! Here are your boys to tell you a little bit about it.

So, basically, it goes like this:

Step 1: You go to, sign in with your account or create one.

Step 2: Choose your favorite concerts (even comedy shows!) and add them to your wishlist.

Step 3: You click on “share”, and send that wishlist via SMS to every single contact on your phone, even your boss (SMS are faster, but there are plenty options; also, you can tell your boss “Oops, so sorry boss! I didn’t mean it, but since we’re are it!”)

Step 4: Your adorable contacts see your wishlist, and because they cannot stand hearing you say “anything, something, all things NKOTB” one more year, they purchase an item of your list, for you.

Step 5: You are happy as a clam!

C’mon! Plan your tickets today! Click, click, click!