This Is It! NKOTB cruise 2020 Official Announcement is Around the Corner

No more waiting, no more debating about encrypted messages or not! Check out what Donnie and the New Kids said today!

The New Kids celebrated this Throw Back Thursday by recalling that, exactly four years ago, we were sailing from Miami. They wrote: “Funny timing for this particular #TBT…stay tuned.”

But there’s more! Donnie opened a poll on his Instagram Stories: “Ready or not!” AND, And!! Later they wrote: “We’ve seen your comments, we know you have been waiting, and we have been DYING to tell you…check back in with us tomorrow morning.”

If if this is going to be your first time cruising with NKOTB, check out this NKOTB Cruise Guide to get you started. Don’t forget to go to @donniewahlberg on Instagram and give him a huge yes!